Alexa von Arnim is an Art Director, Creative Consultant & Art Photographer based between Munich and Paris.

Alexa studied photography at the Speos School of Photography.
After her studies next to her photography and music projects, she worked as a Creative Consultant for photographers and illustrators at Schierke Artists.

Recently she attainined her Masters in Graphic Design at Insituto Europeo di Design, Florence.

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Recent Exhibitions

‘Alexa by Alexa von Arnim’ - Poligon Gallery by the Empire Project, Istanbul 2017

‘Authority Taken, Prominence Given?’ - Super+ Centercourt Gallery, Munich 2017

‘Flight of the Phoenix. Chronicle of a Performance’ -  Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Munich 2018

 ‘Flight of the Phoenix. Chronicle of a Performance’ - Super+ Centercourt Gallery, Munich 2018

‘Super Silent Auction’ - Auktionshaus Scheubleins, Munich 2018

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